Micro FX 1use

Micro FX 1use
Code: SABC-1320
Convenient microfibre disposable mop for cleaning & dusting

  • Microfibredisposable mop for steak-free cleaning and dusting

  • Effective in bacteria removal

  • High absorbency thanks to the double terry construction

  • Zig-zag design (construction) for single step cleaning

  • Ideal for High Risk Area, controlled environment and when laundry facility is not available

  • 100% Microfibreterry flat mop

  • Healthcare, BSC and food environment

  • Ideal with Spray handle The Sprinklear SABC-1400

  • Any type of floor –most suitable for porous floors

  • High resistance to chemicals

disclaimer: * Product availability are subject to change without notice.

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