When we look at cleaning trade & expo areas we have to consider huge spaces that are not easy to access, booths, kiosks and other large displays can make it a dificult exercise. The main challenge becomes the floor area. Machines, carts and vacuum cleaners are the main choice for cleaning companies.

Tasks and Challenges

Large areas are divided into booths that can have different types of floors to clean. Main corridors and food courts are generally concrete, booth and display areas may have carpet, wood panel and vinyl floor coverings. Food areas and bathrooms need to be cleaned several times during the day due to the heavy traffic of visitors. Paper and volume rubbish have to be collected frequently.

The Sabco Cleaning Solution for Workshop and Trade

Here follows our selected solutions to clean trade show areas. If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to tailor the best solution for your needs.


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