Window cleaning is an art. There are different techniques and the “S” one is the most popular. Every building has windows to clean inside and outside. It might seem to be an easy task but it has so many variables, every window is different from another. If we just think of height, shape and size, we have an idea of it. Professional window cleaners always look for high quality products as the job has to be done quickly and without any fault.

Tasks and Challenges

Interior and external window cleaning require different tools and products. Height and size play a big role in the choice of the right equipment. Dirt to remove can be of different types: dust; smog; sand and limestone usually trapped in the rain. Professional window cleaning products and tools can assist in doing a quick and thorough job.

The Sabco Cleaning Solution for Windows Cleaning

Below we have a selection of solutions to clean windows and glass. If you would like more info or have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to tailor the best solution for your needs.


Suggested Products