• 1. How to extend the Sabco Microfibre Flat Mop, extendable handle?
    When you purchase the mop, handle will come collapsed. To extend the handle follow these steps:
    • Twist ithe handle anti-clockwise.
    • Pull it up to extend, twist it clockwise to lock it in (this may take quite few turns).
    • To collapse the handle turn it anti-clockwise until its loose, then push it all the way down to collapse and twist it back clockwise to lock it back in. 
  • 2. How to refill the Sabco SuperSwish Spray Mop Bottle? 
      1. Grab the bottle from both sides, and pull it directly upwards.Then Slide it off of the handle. 
      2. Fill up your bottle with water – no wax base chemicals as may clog the nozzle of the bottle.
      3. Once its filled up to the maximum fill line, close it up. Then slide it back down the handle and press it firmly in, until its all secure.
  • 3. How to replace the Sabco Twister Cotton Mop Refill?
      1. Push the mop collar up to release the mop head, then put the mop upright as it’s the easiest way.  
      2. Locate the peg at the top of the handle under the mop head, then and pull out the peg and set aside. 
      3. Pull up the head over the top of handle, and put the handle aside too.
      4. When you purchase a Twister Cotton Mop Refill, it will not come with collar. So you need to pull out the collar by putting the head inside out and pulling it up.
      5. Turn your new refill head inside out and find the hole at the bottom. Then put the collar back through and pull it nice and tight.
      6. Next, get your handle and put the collar back over the top of the pole. Then put the handle and peg together.
      7. Put the peg back in & make it secure. Then pull the collar back down to lock it in and twist clockwise. 
  • 4. How to replace the Sabco Wonder Mop Refill?
      1. First, pull up the cover, then remove the lock by pulling it downwards and take the head and pull it directly out.
      2. When you get your new refill, you will notice that there is square plug. Line up the square plug with the top of the handle and push it straight back in. 
      3. Get the collar and push it over the top (push it as hard as you can to hear the click). Then, grab the handle and pull the cover back down.
  • 5. How to replace the Sabco Self-Wringing Cotton Mop Refill?
      1. Pull the cover off the handle, and place your hand on the lock .Then, turn it anti-clockwise to unlock the collar.
      2. Pull the collar down, then take the head and twist It  clockwise to take off the pole.
      3. Replace the head with new refill and place it back on the pole. Then, turn it anti-clockwise to make it secure.
      4. Pull the collar back down  and turn it clockwise to secure it back on nice and tight. 
  • 6. How to replace the Sabco Breeze Mop 2, Refill?
      1. Easiest way to replace your refill is to get your fingers underneath the mope head and sponge and pull. 
      2. Then, turn it around and  do the same thing with other side. 
      3. To replace the refill, line the pose up  on the back of sponge refills  and click it in.


  • 7. My product is faulty, what should I do?

    Here at Sabco, we take our customer service very seriously. We would love to talk to you and help in any way we can. All Sabco products come with one year replacement warranty (unless marked on the packaging) and you are entitled to replace the faulty products at the place of purchase. However, if you have any troubles or for further assistance don't hesitate to give us a call on our toll free number: 1800 066 522 or contact us at customerservice@sabco.com.au with an image of your faulty product for further action.

  • 8. My Handle Holder won't stay onto the wall with adhesive tape; what can I do?

    Adhersive tape can only hold limited weight and is also sensitive to different surfaces and paints. To hang multiple products of heavier weight we advise to use wall plugs or screws for optimum hold.

  • 9. Can I use bleach with my microfibre flat mop?

    Avoid using bleach with microfibre as it can damage the microfibre structure and lessen its effectiveness.

  • 10. Where can I buy Bulldozer dust control mop & the refill?

    Bulldozer dust control mop is available via special order through Bunnings and can only be purchased in a carton of 6pcs. Simply quote product fine line code '4480060' & refill fine line '4480127' to the Bunnings Special Orders desk when placing your order.

  • 11. Where can I buy Tonizone Furniture Polish?

    Tonizone Furniture Polish  is available via special order through Bunnings and can only be purchased in a carton of 6pcs. Simply quote product code SABC-3710 to the Bunnings Special Orders desk when placing your order.

  • 12. Is Sabco Hardwood Floor Cleaner spray, safe for pets or kids?

    When used in the manner directed this product carries no risk to children or pets. The product is intended for use as a floor cleaning agent applied and removed with the aid of a mop, ideally a mop from the Sabco range of microfibre flat mops such as Sabco SuperSwish Xtra Sabco’s range of high quality microfiber flat mops are designed to remove not just the dirt & grime from floors but also the maximum amount of water & cleaning solution. Residual water or other liquids can, if left on the floor, damage the timber. The Sabco Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray is available via special order desk through Bunnings stores.

  • 13. Where can I find Sabco RoboSweep?

    Unfortunately, the RoboSweep has now been discontinued, and is no longer available in stores. However, you can still purchase it online HERE. Also, Refill pads can be purchased directly from us. For more information please call us on 1800 066 522. Disclamier: 2 Year Warranty no longer applies.

  • 14. Should I use chemicals with my flat mop and spray mop?

    It's ok to use chemicals, however one of the main benefits of microfibre is its effectivness to clean with just water. If there is something really tough to clean on the floor, ensure you read you chemical instructions to avoid using greasy/oily chemicals with can damage microfibre.

  • 15. My SuperSwish Spray Mop won't spray; what can I do?

    Sometimes when the SuperSwish Spray Mop has not been used for an extended period of time the sprayer can dry up or become clogged with residue. Often a simple solution to this is to remove the bottle and pour warm water directly into the cavity. Then, spray a few times and see if water sprays out. If the issue is fixed simply re-insert the bottle and continue use. If not call our toll free number: 1800 066 522 or contact us at customerservice@sabco.com.au with an image of your faulty product for further action.


Pull up the collar – cover