Sabco microfibre cloths are your cleaning BFF's! They can be used effectively with just water for cleaning, dusting or polishing without the need for any chemicals. These cloths are mashine washable, and come in variety of colours, so you can easily colour code your cloth to each room or each task in your home. Sabco’s range of quality microfibre cloths are specifically designed for all household applications, whether it be cleaning your iPad screen, dishes or stone bench tops, Sabco has you covered.

All-purpose Microfibre Cloths: 100% microfibre - Essential for all household surface cleaning.

Window & Screen Microfibre Cloth: 35 x 35cm Cloth size, Streak-free clean for TV's computer & smart phone screens.

Dusting Microfibre Cloths: The best microfibre for unbeatable dusting results.

Kitchen Shine Microfibre Sponge Cloths: Durable and super absorbent cloth lifts dirt and grime without streaking.

One-Wash Dish Cloth: Microfibre and nylon mesh cloth cuts though grease and grime without scratching.

Bathroom Shine Microfibre Sponge Cloths: Two-sided for double cleaning power.