How to quickly clean your bathroom with maximum results

Whether you’re a college student, a young professional or a busy parent, life often gets in the way of cleaning the most used room in your home, the bathroom! Fortunately, bathroom cleaning can be quick and easy and it doesn’t need to take two hours a day to keep it clean and shiny. We’ve got some great quick bathroom cleaning steps to get your bathroom clean in no time! Your essential bathroom tools are the Sabco Dusting Microfibre Cloths, Antibacterial Surface Cleaning Wipes, Bathroom Shine Microfibre Sponge Cloth, Enclosed Toilet Set & toilet cleaning gel.

First step is to remove wet and used  towels and change them for dry and fresh ones.

Next, put cleaning gel in the toilet and leave it for a while. This means less scrubbing!

Remember to dust and vacuum before wet cleaning, so start dusting the toilet and bathroom exterior with a Sabco Dusting Microfibre Cloth to get rid of the first layer of dust and annoying hair in bathroom, then vacuum the floors.

Wipe down the toilet exterior, shelves and bathroom sink with Sabco Antibacterial Surface Cleaning Wipes to remove all germs and leave fresh scent. Then scrub the toilet interior, scrub the inside with toilet brush, and flush toilet.

For mirror and glass surfaces, spray water or bathroom spray onto the woven side of your Bathroom Shine Microfibre Sponge Cloth or Window and Glass Cloth and clean in circular motion, then polish dry with the smooth microfibre side of the Bathroom Shine cloth for streak free and shiny results! 

To finish, make sure toilet paper rolls are stocked up and give the room a quick spray of air freshener.