Streak-free bench tops in 4 easy steps:

Kitchen bench tops and stone can get dirty very quickly but here’s how you can keep them looking shiny and clean.

1. Start by cleaning them with a little warm soapy water and drying them off completely.

2. Spray your desired surface cleaner directly onto the Kithcen Shine Microfibre Sponge Cloth (not the bench tops) and spread a thin coat all over the entire bench top.

3. Use a dry All-Purpose Microfiber Cloth to wipe of and surface cleaner residue. 

4. Wipe over again to polish to a beautiful streak-free and dry shine.

It’s super easy and cost effective but most importantly, it works! This thorough clean will make bench tops makes daily maintenance a breeze.

Tip *: To remove heavier scuffs, use the One-Wash Dish Cloth to cut though grease and grime without scratching your bench top.