Basic steps for complete BBQ cleaning

Taking good care of your BBQ grill is not only good for your health, but it will help to maintain the taste of what you cook too! Luckily, it only takes a few basic steps to clean your BBQ grill. All you need is a Sabco BBQ Grill Brush and paper towel.

       1.       Clean while the grill is still hot:

It’s obvious that cleaning is easier while the grill plates are still hot. For that reason, when you want to clean your cooled grill, turn on up the heat for few minutes to soften all the grease and grime for easier cleaning.

       2.       Get your tools ready:

Sabco’s BBQ brush is an essential tool for your BBQ cleaning. It is perfectly designed with ergonomic rubber grip handle and strong steel scraper for tough heavy duty cleaning. Use the steel scraper to scrape off food leftovers on grill plate and then brush with brass bristle side to clean all remaining spots and grease. At the end, use paper towel to wipe away all the dirt and grease.

        3.       Cover up your Barbie: 

Finally, make sure you keep your grill covered after any cooking, to stop dust and dirt from building up, prevent rust, ants and insects.

 Tip*: Place foil under your charcoal grill and after cooking you can simply fold up the ash and remaining coals in the foil and remove them in one easy step.