Keep cool and make household cleaning fun

Involving kids in house cleaning is a great way to teach them how to be responsible and independent. Sharing cleaning with kids is not only educational but also can reduce your stress and make them part of the solution, rather than the problem! Here are some great ways to get your kids involved and make cleaning fun:

Create a cleaning game: Add some interesting elements (like music or singing) to your cleaning routine, which make cleaning and organising fun, entertaining and engaging for kids. You can use a timer and turn the routines into a cleaning challenge!

Give your kids exciting tools to use: The school holidays may be over, but you can still have fun with your kids while keeping a clean home. The Sabco Microfinger Dusters are structured to make cleaning easy and fun, So your kids will LOVE the fantastic shapes and bright colours. Always remember, to work together with them because kids are more likely to be involved if you are too but keep the task as independent as possible.

You can also involve your kids in any of these cleaning duties under your supervision: dusting, folding laundry, tidying up their toys and some light sweeping jobs.