Tiles are one of the most hygienic and easily maintained surfaces that you can imagine. Weekly maintenance is all you usually need to keep them looking clean.

1. First, vacuum or sweep the area to remove large debris, particles and hairs from the floors. Apart from making mopping easier, removing larger particles will protect your tiles from becoming scratched.

2. Mop using a solution of warm water with a drop or two of vinegar or disinfectant. Be sure not to use too much water and 'flood' the tiles. This just makes floor take longer to dry and can weaken grout over time. A nicely damp mop will easily lift the dirt from the surface of the tiles. The Sabco Lightning Mop (sponge mop) is a great product for general tile cleaning but if your tiles have a highly polished finish (such as porcelain) a Sabco Microfibre flat mop like the SuperSwish Xtra or SuperSwish Duo would be most suitable to achieve a streak-free finish. Microfibre flat mops are also great because there is no need for chemical cleaners, they work effectively with just water! 

3. Tile flooring around wet areas, like showers and bathrooms often gather a build-up body oils, soap and dirt. When it is too tough to mop, use a good all-purpose cleaner and a scrubbing brush. Always rinse away any cleaning product residue as it can be slippery and cause streaks.