Cleaner dishes, every day!

There comes a time when you have to hand wash your dishes! Here’s some effective & simple tips on how to make it quick and easy:

If there are lots of dishes, fill up the sink with water and let the dishes soak for few minutes before you start washing. If you only need to wash few dishes, there is no need to fill up the sink. Especially with the Save n’ Shine Dish Brush or Dish Sponge! This wash as you go method saves detergent and means the water is always clean.

Wear gloves and use hot water. The hotter the water, the more likely it will kill all bacteria and the quicker they will dry leaving glass spotless. 

Always wash your dishes in a systematic in order!  For example, first put all glassware together and start with them, then plates, and then pots. Starting with cleanest and working your way to the dirtiest.

Rinse with clean hot water and place in a drying rack. To avoid drips, place a tea towel under your drying rack.